Drone Flight School

Drone Cinematography and

Flight Techniques


Technology is a creative equalizer, just 5 short years ago, the equipment needed to acquire movie film quality aerial cinematography would have cost well into the 100s of 1000s of dollars, making it all but impossible for a creative without that financial ability to produce any aerial content.  Today its a $1000 dollars and the sky is truly the limit.  We teach the how to use those aerial tools to actually 'earn a living' and create compelling video and photos to garner new clients, start a business, or get hired in the high dollar career of Drone Cinematography and Photography.

CLICK HERE: Drone Pilot Flight School

We are not talking YouTube videos. This flight training shows what a Filmmaker/Photographer can do when his Drone is just another camera in his "tool" box. With DroneTV and our world-wide Television audience we are able to showcase our students and actually help them move their careers or businesses forward.


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