Drone Sports Programming

Yes Drone Racing is a Sport


So is Battle Drones, Drone Combat, Drone Search and Rescue with more Drone Sports to come.

To keep our production standard high and our business model linear Drone Networks decided to create our own events and competitions.  Owning the events allows Drone Networks to sell integrated sponsorship packages for On-Site and Television Broadcast, control branding and access to content.


We leverage new techniques in cinema technology to deploy better content and create more interactive events for spectators on-site


Part of the event experience is streaming actual FPV/POV video from the drone back to the spectators for viewing on Jumbo flat screens or VR Glasses.  Events are all shot in 4K. The production process also includes; GoPros, DJI Osmo Cams and Aerial Drone Cinematography.

Its all about Branding Drone Networks is not reinventing the wheel here, our relationship with our live event Sports Programming is a proven and marketable brand strategy, just look at, the NFL, NASCAR or the UFC. They all own the Sports, Players, Venues and TV and so does the Drone Networks.


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